Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Easypeasy Pumpkin Pudding

Try making this extraeasy, autumn-perfect treat with your kidlets. Not only is it quick, yummy, and fall-festive, cooking together is a fun way to expose children to simple math and science concepts like measuring & counting (and, listen up teachers: this recipe is so simple, it makes for an ideal classroom activity...)

Easypeasy Preschool Pumpkin Pudding:

1 cup vanilla pudding for each child
2 tsp. Libby's easy pumpkin pie mix per child

Give each child his or her own mixing bowl and spoon. Help children measure and place one cup of vanilla pudding in each individual bowl. Then measure 2 tsp. pie mix with each child. Add to pudding. Stir. Gobble. Make more. Repeat :)

* Reminder for Pet Parents: Please remember that this recipe was created for humans, and that most human food really shouldn't be shared with our furry friends, most especially dogs. This is a good thing (it just means...more deliciousness for YOU!) :)

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