Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cassidy Covers, 5 Orange Potatoes, Creepy Creatures


1. PERSON: Eva Cassidy is my current folksy girly singer obsession, and she's covered some of the sweetest, most sleepy-summer-perfect songs my ears have ever had the pleasure to hear.

Take a little listen:

* Who Knows Where the Time Goes mp3, originally by Sandy Denny (via Cover Lay Down.)

* American Tune mp3, originally by Paul Simon (via Cover Lay Down.)

* Song Bird
mp3, originally by Fleetwood Mac (via Life in A Paper Cup.)

Sadly, Eva passed away in 1996 of Melanoma... but her music continues to sooth, simmer, and delight :)

2. PLACE: 5 Orange Potatoes is a lovely, kidcentric & nature-oriented blog that has all sorts of fun tutorials and pretty pixs & poems, too. Take a quick looksee @ these inspiring, smile-inducing posts:
Ultraviolet Detectives,
Life Inside a Pinecone,
Weaving With Nature,
Mud Critter Sculptures,
& the fairy-friendly Wishing Tree.

Besides sharing tons of crafty outdoorsy ideas, Miss Lisa also takes the time to include special little tidbits (like curriculum tie-ins & science facts.) I just Lovelovelove this place (and you will, too!)

3. THING: Creepy Creatures, by Sneed B. Collard III (I dare you not to love a book by an author with a name like that!)

Here's an excerpt from the first page:
"Earth is home to millions of different creatures. Some of them please us. Some frighten us. Others make us say "Blech!" Yet no matter how we feel about it, each animal is special. At first, you might think this book is filled with scary, creepy creatures. But each animal's scary looks or habits serve a purpose. They allow the animal to live in its own special way and place. Are the animals in this book really scary? Turn the page to find out."

Enticing, right? So get the book and turn the page :) You'll find out all sorts of really fascinating (and often silly, sweet, funny) facts about "scary" animals, both famous species and obscure. I especially love the map at the back of the book, marked with animal icons that designate where each critter originates. It's creepycool stuff for those kids who delight in all things yuck (and, depending on your individual child's spook-threshold, prolly best for ages 4ish and up...)

So, those are three things I love right now. If you have a blog, maybe you'll want to try sharing three things weekly or monthly (er, yes, I'm aware I haven't listed 3things since April, ahem...) Anyways. Then there'll be six happy things swimming around out there, then nine, then... maybe one day...2,400! Yay for happy things!

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