Saturday, June 27, 2009

No Autographs, Please...

Jinjerup (who has those purty free downloadables that I'm always gushing over & linking to) recently awarded me with the One Lovely Blog Award. Getting the One Lovely Blog Award is (fittingly) a lovely thought, so big thank yous to Jinjerup :)

There's some fine print to this award, however. If you get it, you're supposed to pass it along by giving it out to 15 other blogs. Maybe I'm just the world's laziest blogger, but when I read that part I was like "Whatthewhat?"... 'cause that sounds like... um...homework (to which I say "BOOOOOO!")

Despite the homeworkiness of it all, these blogs are really worth listing (and worth visiting, too, which I really hope you do!) I considered trying to categorize them by topic but, much like my own blog, most of these blogs kinda fuse topics (like pets, nature, kidlets, art, music, and girly-girl things.) Skip around the links and have fun discovering who's who :)

My 15 Award-Winner Winners:
The Magic Onions

Filth Wizardy

Lucky Fiona

Journey into Unschooling

That Artist Woman

Chubbas N Boop

Deep Space Sparkle

Garden Mama


Ordinary Life Magic

Kind Over Matter

Pretty Little Things

A Fanciful Twist


Have You Met Heather

I could not email some of the award winners because they didn't have an email address listed, so..., uh... hmm... I guess that's just that :)

If your blog is listed, and you already have the award, then I have no idea what the protocol is. I'm guessing just... smile!

If you get the award and you don't have time to/want to list 15 blogs... maybe I'm being a troublemaker, but I say maybe just... DON'T! I think (hope!) this was started as a fun thing, so if people are forced to feel guilty about the homeworky aspect, then that's just... not fun, right? ... And certainly not very... lovely :)

Hope you all enjoy these truly wonderful blogs (I know I do!)

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