Friday, May 1, 2009

May Day Heys

It's May Day! Why not get the kidlets together and conspire to surprise someone with an unexpected, little bouquet of flowers & a happy hello? Imagine your loved-one finding flowers on their porch, doorknob, or desk... how very sweet! Tie your blossoms up with ribbon and slip them in a paper cone, recycled can, mason jar, or basket. Skip to My Lou even has pretty card & cone templates for sharing (shown here.)'s one more (from Celtic Lady, made with a simple paper cup, yarn & pipe cleaner...)

...and another from Old Fashioned Living using a napkin-lined thrifted basket... go spoil your friends, moms, neighbors, pastors, coworkers, teachers, trainers (ahem...) Traditions like these are so very sweet, and make childhood especially special... Yay For May!

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