Sunday, March 29, 2009

Kooky Kate, Non-Native Neighbors, Sharpies


1. PERSON: Kate Nash. Another quirky, girly singer on my never ending list of beloved quirky, girly singers. Here's Kate's catchy-cheerful-boppy Pumpkin Soup mp3 , (via the music slut) and ironically-grumpy-bitter Merry Happy mp3 , (via pop librarian), followed by one of her candy-colored weirdoish videos, too...

2. PLACE: The Street Where I Live...

Who needs an alarm clock when you've got a mini-flock of loud-mouthed (excuse me, "loud-beaked") conure cuties (just like these) vacationing in the trees? Take a peek at these adorable squawking sweet potatoes cuddling, flying, & feasting...

Nobody's really sure why they live in Belmont Shore (sort of like the famous Parrots of Telegraph Hill...a truly wonderful must-see docu, by the way), but with the free sunshiney breeze & coastal view... who can blame them?

3. THING: Sharpies! Oh the magical, colorful world of sharpies. Did you know they have a line of these wonderful markers just for wood touch-ups? Brilliant, handy (and well-worth that 30-second icky smell...)

So anyways, those are my three things I love right now for this week. If you have a blog, maybe you'll want to try sharing three weekly things, too... then there'll be six happy things, then nine, then... maybe one week...2,400!

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