Sunday, March 22, 2009

EasyPeasy Water Table Fun

Water tables are wonderful, simple, cheap, fascinating fun for preschoolers: kidlets get to get messy (clean-messy), splish, splash, squirt, practice motor skills, and experiment with sciencey concepts (What sinks? What floats? Which objects hold liquid? How much is full?) Plop in a variety of different household items (like measuring cups, bottles, funnels, sponges etc.) Have fun by creating theme tables (like all red stuff, all circle shapes, or all metal.) Maybe have a natural items day (with a leaf, branch, rock, and so on.) Mix things up by adding sensory options: maybe a little soap (for bubbles), or just a touch of unsweetened Koolaid (for smellrific color.)

...Maybe turn your water table into a car wash...

...Or a baby bath spa...

Good clean fun (neeheehee...)

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