Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Easy Chunky Rainbow Crayons

Oh! These are so fun to make, easy for little hands to grip (and they're eco-friendly, too!)

1. Gather together all your old, broken crayons, remove the wrappers, and break the crayons into smallish pieces (kidlets can help.)

2. Coat a muffin tin with vegetable spray, and then plop the crayon pieces inside. Or, use cookie cutters on a baking sheet, instead (for cutesy shapes like hearts, stars, or flowers.)

3. Bake at 275 for about 7 minutes or so til everything's melty.

4. Fancify: Carefully swirl the colors a little with a toothpick, or add some glitter.

5. Let cool, and then pop out and... color.

There are tons of preschooly/sciencey tie-ins for this activity: colors (name them, which colors are cool? which are warm?), sorting (maybe match all blues together, all greens, etc. In fall, try making leaf shaped crayons using lovely swirled oranges, yellows, & reds), shapes, sizes, reusing/recycling, what are rainbows...? what is melting...? funfunfun.

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