Saturday, November 22, 2008

Muppet Mania

I love me a muppet! The creative geniuses at FAO Schwarz recently debuted their new Muppet Whatnot Workshop. Preschoolers will love love LOVE this. You design your very own real, personalized muppet (you can make a "mini-me" type muppet based on your appearance, or whip up the ideal muppet of your dreams using your imagination.) By choosing from various muppety skin colors, eyes, noses, hair, etc., each muppet comes out looking unique and one-of-a-kindish. There are even funny, outlandish outfits (newscaster blazers, baseball uniforms, and the like.) It's sort of like the build-a-bear concept... but way, way more awesome! Up until just today you could actually make and order your muppet by using a supercool virtual muppet maker... but due to the crazy-bananas-cuckoo interest, online custom muppet orders are no longer being taken :( I guess when it comes to muppets, you snooze, you loose. The good news: You can still order a gift kit (and your muppet will be assembled in February 2009.) Order yours before it's too late! Darling. Silly. Wonderful.

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