Saturday, November 1, 2008

Animal Planet, Anyone?

Pam from Buddha Dog Massage has been asked to find some people that might be interested in filming an animal massage class with her for an Animal Planet show segment. If you have a polite, well-socialized, trained, calmish dog, this might be a reallyREALLY fun opportunity (and if you and your dog don't fit the bill, you might want to check out Pam's website anyway... she is wonderfully friendly, and offers a variety of well-priced animal services.)

Filming is being planned for either Monday, December 1st or Tuesday, December 9th, at Runyon Canyon off-leash dog park at 2000 N. Fuller Ave. in L.A./Hollywood 90046.

She will be speaking with a producer as early as Monday (11/2/08) to give him an idea on how many people might be interested and willing to participate. If you have an interest, please email her at asap.

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