Saturday, September 6, 2008

Speaking of Chihuahuas!

I'm a sucker for Disney movies, and the upcoming October 3rd release of Beverly Hills Chihuahua looks like especially silly fun... I can't wait! This one's a non-animated movie, and it stars a cast of various real-life talented pooches of all breeds (not just chihuahuas.) While the majority of their moves are trained behavior, thanks to movie magic, the dog actors also speak English (and in some cases, Spanish, too) and, as you can imagine, they have lots of funny things to say...

You've got to love a movie that has animals as the stars, and only the "supporting cast" is comprised of humans (in this case, Jamie Lee Curits and Piper Perabo.) Besides the token humans, there is also a wise-cracking rat (can rats be anything other than wise-cracking?) and a winsome iguana (who caught my attention in the preview trailer by exclaiming the highly quotable "for the love of a banana!")

How can anyone resist, as the promo states: "THE BEST Chihuahua Movie of ALL TIME" ...?

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