Monday, September 15, 2008

Hot Dogs & Hallowienies

Adorable, sausagey daschund bodies seem as though they were made for hot dog Halloween costumes... but did you ever wonder how the actual puppy feels about wearing that outfit? The Hallo-wiener, by Dan Pilkey, is a hilarious book about a puppy named Oscar (teehee) who gets picked on by the other dogs at school for being little... then Halloween comes around and his mom has him dress up as a hot dog... and, well... things only get worse! Oscar goes through some supersilly situations, learns some wonderful lessons, and ends up making new friends, too! Kids love this book because it's soooo funny; it has tons of small clever details, including those found in the illustrations (which will absolutely crack you up!) A great-grinning read for animal-obsessed little ones.

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