Sunday, August 31, 2008

Poor Chauncey!!!

Does anyone else watch Mad Men on AMC? This week I literally gasped and screamed "Noooo!!!!..." at the TV as a creepy ad exec character heartlessly abandoned his beautiful Irish Setter (Chauncey) on the streets of New York. Had I still been eating my mashed potatoes, I probably would have uncontrollably hurled a spoonful at the screen!

The show is really annoying me these days. "Where are all the good men?" people ask. Well, lemmie tell ya... it's not on Mad Men. In fact they should rename the show CREEP Men. I've watched the male characters treat the women like crap for almost two full seasons, but that, topped with the recent dog storyline, is... IT. To quote Obama... "ENOUGH!" Sorry Peggy and Betty, I will always wonder what became of you... but I'm never watching the show again.


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