Thursday, July 10, 2008

Bohemian Cats Craziness

I recently stumbled across the incredible, imaginative, semi-weird-yet wonderful works of Baba Studio. Through their art, they have created an entire world where felines rule (shh... don't tell your pup...) Haughty kittens wear opulent jewels, and attend royal galas to gossip & indulge in delicious feasts... Brave young Toms ride horses, swashbuckle, and engage in swordplay. The lush images are somehow simultaneously beautiful and... silly. So of course I love them!

Anyone who's ever shared their home with a cat will appreciate (and recognize) the detailed familiar feline facial expressions. Besides being talented, these Prague-based artists also really care about animals, and donate a portion of all proceeds from the Bohemian Cats line to the Prague Cat Shelter. Take a peek at their Etsy shop to view more brilliant kitties, featured as frame-ready prints, handbags, card decks, and oddishly interesting picture books.

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