Friday, July 25, 2008

Andy Goldsworthy Day... A Celebration of Art in Nature!

Andy Goldsworthy is an ingenious, quirky little environmental artist. He uses nature as a material source and creates visual works of art within the framework of the outdoors: river rocks balance, branches reach up woven with ivy, flower petals dance in flame-like textural patterns... It's really quite spectacular! Tomorrow (Saturday, July 26), is Andy Goldsworthy Day, and (from 12-3pm) we'll be having all sorts of "creation stations" set up at the Nature Center, so visitors can join the fun by making huge collaborative leafy swirly petaly masterpieces like the one seen above. This past week, Miss Dana's Super Science class explored environmental art concepts with hands-on projects out on the trails (some of which still linger, provoking patron curiosity...) A photography collection highlighting the children's work will be up in the museum gallery through next week. Check your local nature centers, preserves, museums & galleries for more information on environmental art activities that might be happening in your area!

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