Sunday, April 6, 2008

Free Greenies Samples (Yum!)

Greenies are superyummy dog chew treats that canines of all sizes, shapes, and ages seem to reallyreally love. They're made with chlorophyll, which helps with your dog's dental health (by freshening up doggy breath & keeping tartar under control.) The crisp, green, planty-taste-flavor appeals to pups who have those "your flower arrangement looks delicious!" urges (which makes Greenies an especially ideal treat choice for redirecting plant-eating behavior.)

However, if your dog is a chronic food gulper, please do not give your dog Greenies! Greenies were created for gnawing, chomping, chewing, crunching and slobbery-nibbling (& most dogs are quite happy to do just that.) The ingredients are normally digestible, but dogs who tend to gulp have been known to break off large pieces and even attempt to swallow Greenies whole (much like broken-off pieces of rawhide, these pieces can cause choking, and can also get caught in the intestinal tract, leading to serious pain and injury, emergency surgery, or even death.) Most pet parents know if their dog is a gulper (these dogs don't really seem to crunch or chew much... they sort of vacuum up their food, instead, and when examining the vomit of a gulper, you will usually see whole, intact pieces of kibble, etc.)

When giving your dog a Greenie (or any treat or toy), you can avoid possible complications by always: 1) choosing the appropriate size for your breed, 2) reading the directions on the packaging, and 3)observing/supervising your dog with the treat or chew toy.

Like many fabulous things in life, Greenies are not cheap! Happily, the Greenies People are willing to entice your dog into Greenies Addiction with a special free sample offer :)

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