Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Long Beach Pet Laws

To avoid getting fined (and avoid the possibility of having your dog taken away!), it's good to know the current local laws regarding pets. Laws often change, and, due to the recent dog attacks at many CA beaches and dog parks, there is talk in many cities of adding more specific rules and greater penalties for infractions. For those of you living in Long Beach, these are a few current city codes you might want to be aware of (please check with animal control for updates):

21.51.210 Animals (household pets).
The keeping of household pets shall be subject to the following limitations: A. Number. A total of not more than four (4) weaned household pets may be kept at one (1) site. This limitation shall not apply to fish, rodents (other than rabbits), or caged birds (provided the birds are not allowed to fly free and are maintained in accordance with all applicable health regulations).B. Maintenance. Household pets shall be kept in a manner which does not damage or pose hazards to people or property and which does not generate offensive dust, odors or noise.

6.16.200 Defecation removal required.
No person owning, having a proprietary interest in, harboring or having the care, charge, control, custody or possession of any animal shall permit such animal to defecate on any public sidewalk, park, or building, or on any private property without the consent of the owner of such private property, unless such person removes any such defecation to a proper trash receptacle.

6.16.110 Dog noise-Permitting prohibited.
No person shall permit any dog under his control to bark, howl, whine and make other loud and unusual noises, whether within a building or enclosure, tied, or otherwise confined, or while at large upon any public street, so as to annoy and become offensive to the neighborhood or persons residing immediately surrounding the habitation of the same.

6.16.085 Unaltered cats prohibited.
No person who owns, or has in custody or control, a cat over the age of four months shall allow such cat to remain unaltered, unless the cat is certified by a licensed veterinarian as not being suitable for spaying or neutering due to health reasons.

6.16.100 Dog leash required.A.
No person owning, having a proprietary interest in, harboring or having the care, charge, control, custody or possession of a dog, shall permit such dog to be in or upon any public street, park or other public place unless such dog is upon a secure leash not more than eight feet long held continuously in the hands of a responsible person capable of controlling the dog, or unless the dog is securely confined within an automobile, or in or upon any unenclosed lot or premises, unless the dog is securely leashed upon the unenclosed lot or premises.

License Information:
All dogs 4 months and older are required to be licensed. You can obtain a license at Long Beach Animal Control. License Fees vary if your dog is spayed/neutered. In order to reduce pet overpopulation, spayed and neutered pets are given a much better rate (well done!) CLICK HERE to register your pet online.

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