Sunday, December 23, 2007

Delightful Designer Dog Carriers

I am not a shoe person at-all-at-all-at-all. When able, I mostly wear flip flops, or try to go barefoot. But. I do love handbags. Like, a whole, whole lot. For others like me, you should rejoice in the knowledge that there are some really, truly cute dog carriers out there right now for smallish pups. Most little-dog-loving handbagians already know about the beigey & predictable (yet gorgeously covetable!) louis vuitton signature carrier (and it's equally cute "little sis" coach signature carrier.) However...I've recently discovered some more obscure and completely lovely, creative creations you've just GOT to see:

First up is Pet Flys purple studded sparrow Puppy Love Forever tattoo bag. Actually, Pet Flys has several really unique designs including semi-punky ones with skull patterns, camo prints and the like. The darling, playful Uncle Monkey bag pictured is also from Pet Flys. Their website sells each of their designs in not one, but THREE different sizes (for 5LB, 11LB, or 16LB dogs.)

The next bag pictured doesn't even remotely look like a typical dog carrier. This ones's the Charlie Bag, by Kwigy-bo , and they have lots of other similar "normal handbagish" styles. It's approved by most airlines, it's leather, it comes in black, white, & pink, and I swear it looks just like a regular handbag!

Ugg (maker of big cozy boot fame) has a supercomfy-looking limited edition bag called the Tasman Doggie Duffle. Very winter-friendly. Available at Saks.

For the more edgier-artsy types, Fluff has their Coquette bag with a fashionista scribble design. And they have even more fun patterns (!), including a pro-girly pink cupcake print. They both have heart charms and are made of an easy-to-wipe-off leathery type material. You can find Fluff bags at Tail of a Princess. So sweet!

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